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On site we we’ll provide places to buy lunch and snacks. Activities and entertainment are planned both on land and in the water. The Eriksberg Boat Show will be a meeting place for all! Access will be possible via land, and of course via the river. The Älvsnabben takes only a few minutes to cross from the other side, good parking facilities are available nearby and public transport will be operating as efficiently as ever from central Gothenburg.

A warm welcome to this unique experience. Eriksberg Boat Show – an outdoors exhibition in the middle of Gothenburg!

Three days - and many participants

With sailing boats and motorboats from around 70 different exhibitors and a huge array of accessories and equipment, this is the place to meet for all the real boat enthusiasts. You’ll be in the company of both large and small marina brands, and quite an exclusive regatta, located in the middle of Eriksberg’s historical shipyard, with a fresh sea breezes and seagulls in full song.

The Eriksberg Crane
A monument of times gone by

In 1969 the building of a 70 meter gantry crane was completed in the docks at Eriksberg. It made the lifting of huge cargo (up to 500 000 tones) possible for the ships that visited and was declared a building monument in 2012. The Eriksberg Gantry Crane is a majestic icon laying tribute to the once world class shipbuilding industry in Gothenburg.

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