Environment & Sustainability
Boat life, summer and salty sea swimming the eco-friendly way
Boating life, summer, and a swim in the salty sea

Boating life and salty swimming is something we might have started to take for granted. But as we gain more and more awareness about our environment, we demand more action to preserve the marine life of our unique archipelago environment.

No-one can do everything, but everyone can do something. At the Eriksberg Boat Show we'd like to play our part by showing off environmentally smart and sustainable solutions...

Partly through electric boats and new technology our branch offers to help preserve our sea life.

The exhibition even gives visitors a chance to talk to researchers and experts from environmental organisations who specialise in marine research.

Representatives from the food industry will also be on site to show important developments for the environment and sustainability regarding future of seafood.

Agenda 2030
The global target for sustainable development

The UN global targets for sustainable development. This year we're working with numbers 3, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 och 15. In the years to follow we're looking to also accomplish 5, 7, 8 och 10.
We've registered Eriksberg Boat Show to Hållbarhetsklivet Västra Götaland.

Sustainable work at The Eriksberg Boat Show

Eriksberg Boat Show occurs outdoors, in and around the water. Visitors can come in for free and enjoy participating in parts of the event. That's two sustainable aspects of having the show on. the water near the town center! What else are we doing? We've got a section of electric boats on show, and we'll be discussing clean fuel solutions for existing motors. A shared economy through boat hire, house boats and eco-friendly glamping huts are also possible. All the waste from the show can be sorted according to category and we'll be teaming up with the Eriksberg IF youth and Pantamera to sort empty bottles and cans. We're encouraging all our visitors to travel to the show by public transport, boat, ”styr & ställ” bicycle or electric scooter.

Maybe our biggest influence comes from our promotions towards visitors this year, which will nudge them in a sustainable direction. We will take a lead by example approach and share some tips about how boat owners and coastal visitors can behave sustainably.

In our office we've adopted strict recycling policies and lessened waste. For example, when we are "ordering" coffee.

I vårt seminarieprogram lyfter vi hållbarhetsämnen som teknik & drivmedel, hållbart båtliv och beteenden, hållbar & levande skärgård, hur mår havet?, plast i havet, seafood, forskning och innovation. 

Examples of subjects raised:
Technology & fuel: Electric drive, e-mobility, fossil-free shipping and cleaner fuel for existing engine fleets.

Sustainable boating & clean seas: Sustainable tips for boat owners, public rights at sea, "myths & unfettered habits", the state of the oceans, plastic in the oceans & beach cleaning, sharing services - renting boats or houseboats.

Seafood, research and living archipelago: Invasive species, lifesaving, seafood, crossing the Atlantic.