Experience boating life in its natural environment

Experience boating life in its natural environment 

As part of Gothenburg's 400 year jubilee celebrations we are launching the Eriksberg Boat Show - a floating boat show in the heart of Gothenburg's historic shipyard scene. A scene framed in nicely by the famous 84-metre high Eriksberg Gantry Crane, and with the Älvsborg bridge stretching across the background. It's much more than the average boat exhibition. It's a chance to observe boating life in its natural habitat and explore the port of Gothenburg from the right side.

With sailing boats and motorboats from many different exhibitors and a huge array of accessories and equipment, this is the place to meet for all the real boat enthusiasts. You’ll be in the company of quite an exclusive regatta of large and small marina brands. It's in April too, which is perfect timing just before the boating season kicks in at full pace.

The exhibition is organised by Eriksberg Boat Show AB.

New powerboats and yachts
Marina accessory exhibitors
Free entry for the whole family

The Eriksberg Crane, A monument of times gone by

In 1969 the building of a 70 meter gantry crane was completed in the docks at Eriksberg. It made the lifting of huge cargo (up to 500 000 tones) possible for the ships that visited and was declared a building monument in 2012. The Eriksberg Gantry Crane is a majestic icon laying tribute to the once world class shipbuilding industry in Gothenburg.